Taproot Mentoring Program

Taproot has assembled a team of food industry experts to begin its farmer and value-added food producer mentoring program. We plan to bring together a group of program participants and help guide them through the challenges and joys of food product creation, food safety, business set-up, pricing, marketing and other topics which participants may request.

We have begun this process by requesting contact information from interested participants. Please use the form below if you are interested in starting your own food related small business or growing one that you already have.

We intend to hold meetings via Zoom or in the Lopez Island Family Resource Center conference room (LIFRC). We will work to schedule meetings to accommodate participants’ busy schedules. One-on-one mentoring sessions will also be available.

One of the best ways to create well paying jobs in San Juan County is to foster strong connections between food and land stewardship that sustain the physical health and economic well being of our community. Taproot is committed to achieving this goal.

Kwiaht’s Madrona Murphy teaching Kimchi making workshop at Taproot before remodel.

If you are interested in Taproot’s mentoring program, please provide your name, email address and a brief description of what you’d like to do.

What’s your value-added food product dream?

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