Kitchen and Storage Pricing

Taproot is available to rent by the hour, seven days a week, for personal, non-profit, and commercial food processing use. We offer a fully outfitted processing kitchen with a dishwasher, vegetable and meat prep sinks, stainless steel work tops, plenty of kitchen tools and a wide range of commercial use equipment. We also rent out dry, cold, and freezer space.

Contact our Kitchen Manager, Tony, at to schedule a tour of the kitchen!

Kitchen Use Pricing

Use of the kitchen costs $14 per hour. Some specialty processing equipment, like the dehydrator and freeze dryer, incurs an additional fee.

Processing equipment includes:

  • Six-gallon Steam Jacketed Kettle
  • Six-gallon Tilting Blender
  • Induction Burners / Cooktops
  • Piston Filler for liquid and paste bottle filling
  • Automatic Bottle Capper
  • Label Applicator for flat and round containers
  • Color Label Printer with Plotter/Cutter
  • Commercial Food Dehydrator 20 racks (Enough for about 70 pounds of fruit)
  • HarvestRight Large Freeze Dryer
  • Vacuum Packer
  • Robot Coupe MP550 Turbo 21″ Immersion Blender
  • Robot Coupe CL50 Continuous Feed Food Processor
  • Cuisinart
  • Vitamix Blender
  • Carnival King Double Crepe Maker
  • Pasta Maker, Manual Stainless Steel
  • pH Tester
  • Electrolux VP2 ‘Greens Machine’ 20 Gallon Vegetable Dryer
  • Outdoor Range
  • Commercial Fruit Wedger/Corer
  • Manual fruit-processing tools — mandoline slicers and old school hand-crank peeler/corer/slicer
  • Kitchen tools, prep tables, and other common implements are available for your use while renting the kitchen

No range or oven at this time. This will be our next fundraising project.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and pricing contact Tony at

Taproot Kitchen is a non-profit that strives to be self-sufficient while serving the community. Our primary purpose is to help you process food. Kitchen use fees are an important way to cover operating expenses, allowing us to keep the doors open and the lights on. At the same time, we understand that some members of the community may find the cost of using the kitchen prohibitive. We are glad to consider a sliding scale or alternate arrangements. Please do not let a lack of funds deter you from using the facility. We will work with you! Also — take a moment to learn more about our value-added food product mentorship program.

Storage Use Pricing

Walk-in Refrigerator:

  • 4’ shelf: $12/month
  • 5’ shelf: $15/month

Coolbot (bulk storage for fresh produce):

  • $3/month for any box/crate up to 1 bushel (8 gallons, 1.25 cubic ft) in size
  • $4/month for any box/crate larger than 1 bushel (8 gallons, 1.25 cubic ft) in size
  • Minimum charge of of $2/month to use Coolbot regardless of box size/length of time

Walk-in Freezer:

  • 18” wide lower slot:$3.50/week or $12.60/Month (fits 5 standard meat boxes)
  • 18” wide upper slot: $2.80/week or $10/month (fits 4 standard meat boxes)
  • Metal rack space: $4.20/shelf/week or $15.12/shelf/month (fits 6 standard meat boxes)

Dry Storage:

  • 4’ shelf: $4/month
  • 5’ shelf: $5/month
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