Kitchen and Pricing

Kitchen Tools and Pricing

Taproot is available for large-scale, private and commercial food processing. Contact us at or (360) 468-4372 to schedule your visit!

Processing equipment includes:

  • 20 rack Food dehydrator (52 square feet of drying rack. Enough for about ±70 pounds of fruit.
  • Six-gallon tilting blender
  • 14” Hand-held immersion blender
  • 21” Robot Coupe commercial immersion blender
  • Two quart Tabletop blender
  • Six-gallon steam jacketed kettle
  • Commercial Fruit wedger/corer
  • Old school hand-crank peeler/corer/slicer for fruit.
  • Two styles of manually operated mandolines (slicers)
  • Robot Coupe commercial food processor
  • Cuisinart

Kitchen tools, prep tables, and other common implements are available for your use and included in pricing below. Refrigerated and frozen storage is also possible.

2019 Pricing
Taproot Kitchen is a non-profit entity that strives to be self-sufficient while serving the broadest segments of the community. Kitchen use fees are an important way to keep the kitchen doors open and the lights on. At the same time, we understand that some members of the community may find the cost of using the kitchen prohibitive. We are glad to consider a sliding scale or alternate arrangements. Contact us at or (360) 468-4372

Food Safety and Facility Use Training = $20
All Taproot users are required to attend a one-time, short introductory training on food safety and facility use. The course is taught by a certified food safety specialist.

Hourly kitchen use for processing = $20/hour (no limit on personnel)
This covers full use of kitchen facilities (no range available) including steam jacketed kettle for sauces and canning as well as processing equipment listed above.

Dehydrator run = $30 per use (no limit on personnel)
This includes prep time, running time of the dehydrator (14-16 hours, generally) and clean up. A free tutorial on dehydrator use is required. Complimentary advice on specific fruits and dehydration strategies is also available. One run can accommodate ±65 or more pounds of fruit, about two boxes. Equipment on site includes mandolines, Robot Coupe processor, and large wedger/corer.

Annual Membership = $75
A great value, Annual members get their initial Food Safety and Facility Use Training waived. They also get 10% off all hourly kitchen use fees as well as dehydrator runs.

Daily, extended, and unlimited use options available by arrangement
Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing or (360) 468-4372

No range or oven at this time. This will be our next fundraising project.

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