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November 2018:

Work on remodel resumes!

The underground plumbing  is under concrete.

We’re going to need construction volunteers soon. Write us a info@lopeztaproot.org to find out how to help.

Steve Robertson Plumbing finished the underground segment of the plumbing installation. Next will come the wall plumbing and then electrician Jeff Hines of Lopez Island Electric began “pulling wire” on November 26.

$10,000 Challenge Grant launched!

A generous donor has offered $10,000 to Taproot Kitchen if we can raise matching funds of the same amount. We invite, enjoin, and encourage you to join us in investing in a community kitchen that is broadly useful, inspirational, and accessible to all. Our challenge is to raise $10,000 by the end of 2018.

Find more info on our Taproot Blog. Share this with your friends.

CoolBot walk-in cooler loaded with food for Winter!

The CoolBot walk-in cooler has apples, pears, asian pears, buckets of pickles and a LOT of  kiwi fruit. Some of this belongs to individuals but the vast bulk of fruit put into the CoolBot this season has been picked by the Lopez Island Gleaners. They’ve picked about 9,000 pounds of fruit so far this year!

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The Gleaner program has two operational “branches” coordinated by the energetic Dixie Budke.

  • Lopez Island Family Resouce Center Harvest Glean Team: Picks fruit
  • Lopez Locavore Culinary Glean Team: Processes fruit

The Taproot Coolbot provides critical infrastructure to support both of these branches. Cold storage allows the fresh fruit to be preserved until it can either be served directly or processed into value added products like sauces, frozen and dried fruit, juices and so forth. This collaboration feeds the community through the Lopez Fresh Food Bank, Senior Meals, and the kids at school.

…And back to the upgrade update…

Pitch in and help with the construction phase. Contact us at <info@lopeztaproot.org> for details. This is going to be fun!!

Get on mailing list: Subscribe if you’d like to get updates about Taproot’s progress or get notification of work parties and such. There should be a pop up box to subscribe on this page or scroll down to the bottom of the page and subscribe.


Current use:

The Taproot Community Kitchen on Dill Road has been serving two WSDA producers, Chicaoji Sauce and Kraut Pleasers, and has also hosted a number of non-commercial endeavors like a kim chee workshop and the drying of hundreds of pounds of Lopez fruit. The day to day operations of the kitchen are entirely covered by the users, and the more users we have, the lower the costs and the more improvements we can make.


Existing facilities work fine for value added products that obtain their processing authority from the WSDA (Washington State Dept of Agriculture). Direct-to-Consumer vendors (Farmers Market, catering, food trucks, etc.) need a few changes to meet San Juan County Health Dept regulations. 

Hello from the big door at Taproot Kitchen, wide enough to allow standard pallets full of product to be rolled out onto the loading dock.
Hello from the big door at Taproot Kitchen, wide enough to allow standard pallets full of product to be rolled out onto the loading dock.

Current project: Plumbing and lighting upgrade

  • install plumbing improvements
  • install additional prep sink sinks
  • improve lighting
  • upgrade ventilation fan
  • install a brand new 80 gallon hot water heater. (Thanks to the Lopez Island Thrift Shop for donating this specific item.)
  • refinish the floor
  • install vinyl wall panels
  • finish up drywall and painting

Can you help?

  • Minor construction
  • Install sheetrock, mud and tape (We are talking about 10 sheets at most)
  • Paint
  • Miscellaneous labor


Work will be ongoing. We’ll let you know by email so get on our list!  Email us at info@lopeztaproot.org

The Pitch:

  1. We need volunteer labor. If you want to help, email us at <info@lopeztaproot.org>. We will schedule you in. 
  2. Donate – Read about our $10,000 Challenge Grant HERE.
  3. Please forward this message to anyone you think might like to support local food production on Lopez Island.


Email us at info@lopeztaproot.org…. or talk to Jean at the Vortex Cafe after 3:00 PM Wednesday – Saturday.

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