Project Status December 2016

The Taproot folks meet weekly at the Vortex Cafe.  Please contact us if you have interest in becoming involved:

We work steadily toward manifesting the Taproot shared-use kitchen at our new location on Dill Road.  Here’s a brief overview of our status:

The Floor Plan

Jim Lombard has been diligently working with us on the floor plan. We are pretty close to a final version. We have to make a few small changes to accommodate the increased usage.

The donated equipment is all moved to Dill Road.

Our anonymous donor’s cabinets, counters, tables, shelves, equipment, stoves and refrigerators are all on location awaiting installation

Vendors begin applications

We’ve begun helping vendors learn the path from recipe assessment to process approval, including starting a shelf stability analysis for two products.

Preliminary approval from SJC Health

The SJC Health Inspector did a walk through. He requires us to make a few small upgrades be able to do food prep for Farmers Market and catering. We submitted our plans for the upgrade to the County and now await approval.

Professional consultations for food safety protocols

We’ve had some discussions with Food Safety professionals familiar with WSDA, FDA and USDA regulations to help us prepare for  rigorous inspections. One of them, Ece Kocak, has years of experience helping food processing facilities to comply with regulations. She lives on Lopez Island, and has very enthusiastically offered her knowledge and skills. She is also connected with the Lopez Island Food Safety Lab managed by Claver Bundac.

Spread the word

Tell people the kitchen is happening!

How you can help

We need the people who want this project to succeed to contact us and plug in. We need enthusiastic people. There will be much to do when we start the upgrade.

  • tear out walls
  • build walls
  • dig
  • carry things
  • move furniture and equipment
  • assist carpenters, plumbers and other professionals
  • help people fill out their food processor applications
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